For Juice -- images and video clips of Nashville -  9/22,23 2017

Guys have a look and a listen - 3 more video clips at the bottom.  Pics from this weekend in Nashville including neighborhoods, clubs etc on Broadway but also in other areas like East Nashville.  I don't have a clear idea of whether Nashville is the right place for you to consider moving someday but I figured this info is useful background for you all.


Of all the acts I liked these guys best, and Acme Feed and Seed, at the bottom of Broadway, was a class venue.  Big stage for a larger band and the place would probably hold 500 peoplewhich is on the large side for Broadway.  Most everyone on Broadway / 2nd Avenue (the downtown Music district) was doing covers it seemed, but these guys had some either I didn't recognize or that were original compositions.  They were there two nights in a row.


really busy nightlife on Broadway music district - pretty much college-age 20s-30s crowd - it was a football weekend when i was there so it was maybe particularly busy.  All the clubs were packed.  You could stand outside and watch a band, often with the drummer's back right in the window, sometimes open to street.  No covers, everything 21+ and IDs pretty carefully checked. 


East Nashville, sort of hipster-like and neighborhood where young musicians are reportedly moving in.  Some of the homes are really nicely restored so would be too expensive, but others look affordable.  5-Points / Woodland area is nearby, with 5-Spot and Woodland Studios, and great little Brookline-like restaurants.


5-Spot, reportedly a famous venue - in 5-Points East Nashville.  I wanted to get images of the posters so you can see what kinds of acts are there.  Some of it is obviously just covers, but others seemed like bands coming thru on their tours.  multiple genres including Metal, unlike Broadway which was pretty limited range around country-like rock/folk/Americana


This was shot around 1:00 on a saturday night - so crowded (Broadway).


This is the Bluebird, not downtown- a really famous cafe with live music- always sold out.  There are lots of other venues for music besides downtown, which is actually pretty country/covers.  They sometimes use the term Americana but I think that is just a cover for Folk/Country played by people with hipster man-buns and beards.  The bands downtown did not have any branding for their band - this might have been a rule with the venues, and they all had tip jars which they had to work pretty hard to get contributions into.  I don't know how much they got paid by the venues.  Several of them mentioned how they had been playing that day already for 6-8 hours in a few different gigs.  It suggests there is demand for a certain formula there.  Musicians were all good, charismatic vocalist tends to be the focus - and the crowd is pretty much middle-southern so those country references were appreciated and known.  References to evangelical religion were there, other agricultural stuff a little - it was definitely a different vibe.  It should be pretty easy to figure out some of this stuff and give it to the crowd to keep them happy though - just saying.

This is "Wagon Wheel" which I pulled off the web -- i heard this song about 20 times in Nashville no exaggeration - i actually have always liked the song - I think Dylan worked on it years ago - not saying it was representative of everything else I heard on Broadway but it is somehow part of the canon down there.