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The Shared Spaces Project- A collaborative art experience


Images from Shared Spaces- Greencastle Indiana, July 2018.   Followup work done at artist residency studio at Taleamor Park, LaPorte Indiana.


Images from Shared Spaces- LaGrange, GA, June 2018.  Nearly 200 people attended and participated, bringing and
selecting objects and placing them in the piece, and assisting in all facets of creating the finished work.            Photos by Henry Jacobs
Follow-up work done at Lillian E Smith Center artist residency studio, Clayton, GA



The Shared Spaces Project

A few years ago I realized that I didn’t really know enough about the parts of the US outside of my familiar coastal/urban circuit.  It seemed that no one I talked to in New York or that I was reading, through no fault of their own, could tell me what was really going on in the rest of the country either.  It became clear that I just needed to go out myself and find out directly. I started applying to residencies and figured out how to take the wall relief sculptures I was working on and  do them remotely in temporary studio situations - so that I could work on them with people in the places I visited. By working with people in different parts of the country I hope to gain a richer understanding of who we are as a nation, of our complexity and diversity, and make some new friends along the way.  So far, after a few of these I can say it’s working!


In addition to these goals I have also been able to boost the level of my social practice, my socially engaged art.  In the past I would create a large sculpture, place it in a public space and let the reactions of people as they encountered this unfamiliar experience in their neighborhood be the gist of the piece, the point of the piece.  That was social practice, but at a fairly limited level: people were not directly engaged in the choices and creation of the work itself, only in responding to it. With the Shared Spaces project I am able to engage hundreds of people in the creation stages of the project, letting their voices and choices directly flow into the finished piece.  The resulting sculpture, which in many cases remains in the community, becomes a compelling, permanent sculptural record of the culture of that place, those people, at that moment in time. Doing this practice in a wide range of American communities, from farming, manufacturing, suburban, inner-city and across all geographic regions results in a new way to see and understand ourselves, a new mirror, an alternative to media-based narratives that increasingly seem to let us down or advance their own agendas.


The wall relief sculptures are simply an updated way of creating a very ancient sculptural form.  From antiquity until recent times sculptors have been documenting and celebrating their culture’s achievements in sculptural relief, which then get placed on the sides of buildings and monuments.  By blending numerous old and new techniques, from molds to carving to 3-d printing as well as simply found objects, I am able to assemble a rich set of contemporary symbolic representations of our culture.  In each new community I lay these objects out in front of the public, and also invite them to suggest and bring their own, and then help them imprint and memorialize those symbols and objects alongside those of their neighbors in the Shared Spaces sculptures.  The finished piece is a pluralistic mix of the voices and choices of all who participated, an accessible and yet subtle view into a people and a time.


When I have completed several more of these Shared Spaces works I plan to work with curators to assemble all the works, including various objects, images and video taken during their creation, and to exhibit this in New York, Washington D.C and select other venues.  It is my hope that seeing it all together will give us new insights, new ways of seeing ourselves, our similarities, our differences; in short, a better understanding of how to be Americans today.



Schedule of Upcoming Shared Spaces Events

LaGrange Art Museum, LaGrange, Georgia, June 21-23, 2018  News article from LaGrange Daily News, June 24, 2018.

Greencastle, Indiana,  July 21-23, Putnam County Fairgrounds

Port Chester, NY , sponsored by Rye Arts Center, (Date, location TBD, )

Mount Vernon, NY (Date and location TBD, Grant recipient from ArtsWestchester )

New Mexico (location and community TBD)

Berkeley, CA  (location, dates TBD)

Rockford, IL /Janesville, WI area (time, location TBD)


Shared Spaces Study #1-Canon-L-Bob Clyatt Sculpture.jpg