The Shared Spaces Project- A collaborative art experience

 Bob Clyatt,   Shared Spaces study #1,   16"x30"x4", hydrocal and Carrara marble, wall-mounted,  2018

Bob Clyatt, Shared Spaces study #1, 16"x30"x4", hydrocal and Carrara marble, wall-mounted,  2018



The Shared Spaces Project

Conflict, mistrust, anger - America is a divided place. We may live in one country but increasingly it feels fractured: conservatives and progressives, gun owners and those who want them restricted or banned, men and women, people of different races and backgrounds and histories. Urban Coastal or Rural, the 1-percenters vs everybody else-- we're all living out our visions of rights and duties and often enough bristling with feelings of injustice.

What can anyone do?   Where can we find some neutral ground for a shared conversation, a place to begin to heal?

In 2018 and 2019 I will be hosting Shared Spaces events throughout the US, in rural areas and coastal/urban areas.  All are invited to come and add your voice.  Bring any objects that say "America" to you, and we will together create a sculptural collage, a Shared Space that becomes a collective vision of what America is or can become.  From Oreos to pickup trucks to Dollar General or CNN, it's all part of America.  Each large format (6 foot by 3 foot) piece will be based on the American flag, like the study image above, and we will cast it into permanent form for our host communities to keep and display.

We will be working to create a place for dialog, for mutual respect despite differences, maybe even a chance to heal.  No matter what, the process is exciting and fun!

We will have plenty of opportunities for interns and some paid assistants in each community.  Each event will center on a new sculpture work project, and will have information displays of previous events, US flag history, refreshments and more.  Share in the Conversation.   Free, open to all ages. 


Schedule of Upcoming Shared Spaces Events

Georgia, June 2018 (location TBD)

Indiana, July 2018  (location TBD)

Western New York, August 2018 (location TBD)

New Jersey, October 2018 (location TBD)

New York City, (Bronx), November 2018) (location TBD)