Getting Started

First post -- new site.  Just went live today.  My old site just wasn't cutting it anymore.  Hoping this blog will give me a way to share a bench-level view of my art-making process, bat around observations about contemporary art and share other artists and writers-about-art I think are worth looking at.

I am getting a running start since I'm taking a web-course with Paul Klein right now and we get to meet a couple interesting people each week.  Last night it was Joe Amrhein who runs Pierogi 2000 Gallery and the Boiler  in Williamsburg.  Lots of affordable art in their Flat Files, but my memorable takeaway from that talk was Jonathan Schipper's two cars crunching together in ultra-slow-mo -- He can set the gears to make this train-wreck last two years.  They've sold three of these: The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle.